The Main Character Tournament is a tournament based on the Single Main Character from each comic.



  • This tournament will include the protagonist of each manhwa/webtoon from the affiliated wikis. Thus, only one character from each wiki.
  • The tournament will be divided in rounds of one-vs-one voting process in the form of Blogs.
  • The pairs will be decided based on the order of registration of the characters.


  1. Registration Week: One week for registration of the main character from the wikis. The registration process will be held in a forum and a link for that forum will be placed in the home page.
  2. Rounds: Depending on the number of characters, a number of rounds will be scheduled. Each round will include one-vs-one voting battles as explained above. Each round lasts 10 days. If a character does not have a pair for the first round then that character advances to the next.
  3. Final Round: The final round will be conducted like any other. However, the voting process will last 15 days instead of 10.

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