The Female Blind Date Tournament is based on purely the personality and appearance of the characters and pairing a Female character with a Male. For the respective tournament for Female Character visit:



  • The female blind date focuses on a single female character from all affiliated wikis.
  • 2 males will be selected from each wiki and will compete on a single poll to see which would be the best match for the female character.
  • The tournament is divided into two rounds. One to decide the female character and one to decide her best male match.
  • Each round will last 15 days.


  1. Nomination Round: an 10 days nomination round will be carried out within each wiki to decide for 1 female and 2 male character to participate.
  2. Registration Week: A forum will be created here where each wiki will register their nominated characters. A link of this forum will be found in the homepage.
  3. Female Round: The first round includes a poll where all females will be included and with the voting the female to be put through for the blind date will be chosen. The voting will last 15 days.
  4. Blind Date Round: The second and final round will include the name of the winner female character and a poll where all male candidates will be included. The voting process will last 15 days.

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