Here is a list of events that are hosted in the wiki and appropriate details about them.

Events ListEdit

Character BasedEdit



Ability BasedEdit

Object BasedEdit


  • The events will be carried out in Blog post form to allow for easy voting and discussion for the match.
  • The voting will be carried out in the form of Poll within the Blog post.
  • Each Event will be held once a year.

Character TournamentsEdit

  • The number of characters participating in each case will vary.
  • The tournaments are split in rounds.
  • Each round will last 10 days.
  • The number of rounds depends on the type of the tournament and the number of characters participating in the tournament.

Ability TournamentsEdit

  • Ability tournaments will be an one time tournament without rounds.
  • There will be a nomination process from each wiki for a number of abilities specified prior the event starts.
  • All abilities will be included in the Poll and voting will commence.
  • The duration of the voting process will be 3 weeks.