The Characters Nomination Tournament is based on nominating up to 5 characters from each comic.



  • The tournament consists of various characters from the manwha/webtoons of the affiliated wikis.
  • The battles will be one-vs-one poll voting in the form of Blog post.
  • It is also allowed to discuss through the comments in the blogs.
  • During the Nomination Round in the individual wikis it will be decided which characters will participate. Anybody can nominate any character.
  • Up to 5 characters will be nominated but if it is so agreed by the individual wikis less characters can be nominated. But no more than 5.
  • The pairing of the characters in battles depends on alphabetical order of the characters' names.


  1. Nomination Round: 10 days will be given to every wiki to conduct a nomination process. In each wiki the community will decide the (up to) 5 characters that will participate in the tournament.
  2. Registration Week: After the 10 days are over, a forum will be created in this wiki where the affiliated wikis will register their nominated characters. A link for that forum will be placed in the home page.
  3. Rounds: According to the number of characters participating there will an appropriate amount of rounds scheduled. Each round will last 10 days.
  4. Final Round: The final round will be conducted similarly to the regular rounds but will last 5 days more, in other words, 15 days.

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