The Best Couple Tournament is a tournament where nominated character couples of which wiki will battle.



  • The tournament will be focused on couples of characters instead of individual characters.
  • All (kinds) of couples are eligible for the tournament. Included homosexual.
  • The limit of couples that can be nominated is 5 per wiki.
  • It is focused on one-vs-one voting battles.
  • The voting of each round will last 10 days.
  • More couples with the same male but different female or with the same female and different male are also allowed.


  1. Nomination Round: 10 days will be given to each wiki to nominate the (up to 5) couples the wish to see in the battles.
  2. Registration Week: after the nomination round a forum will be created here where the wikis can register their nominated couples. Link to that forum will be placed in the homepage.
  3. Rounds: Depending on the number of couples the number of rounds will be decided. The pairing for the first round will be decided based on the order of their registration.
  4. Final Round: The final round will be conducted similarly to the regular rounds. However, it will last 15 days instead of 10.

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